Restless Roots Farm lost access to their land in 2019. With only a small amount of land they knew they couldn't supply all that was needed for their CSA.  They began reaching out to fellow farmers and coordinating The Central PA Farm Share. This collaboration is built on the strength of each farm and it helps mitigate the risks associated with a solo farmer running a CSA.


2020 is the third season Casey and Ben will be farming together. Casey had been farming in SE Michigan before she moved back home to PA, where Ben caught the livestock fever one Spring and bought alpacas and chickens. Beyond farming, they enjoy live music, any activity on The Juniata River and traveling cross country in the winter time.


Moses started farming organically 7 years ago after his first born had overt pesticide allergies. Moses has a panache for growing strawberries and he and his family are committed to community health. Each year they host a Health Connection Day on the farm, to share information about health and regenerative agriculture to the community.


Comprised of several farms in Sinking Valley, The Organic CoOp has banded together to make organic certification and marketing a less expensive and more beneficial business model. They began growing only winter squash and slowly started to diversify over the years.


Married only a few year ago, this young family has a bright future in organic agriculture. They have been growing several crops for wholesale to Weis Market and are looking to diversify their business this year.


In 2013 Nick of SylvanSun Farm was hoping to become a full-time farmer, and James and Pam of Hemmabast Farm were hoping to pass on management of their farm. As these family friends re-connected and hopes were realized, a co-operative was born.  Since 1983, Hemmabast ("home is best" in Swedish) Farm has been growing fruit & vegetables in the fertile soils of Hartslog Valley. Despite being "retired" from the market business, James continues to work the farm, and Pam bunches flowers with Steph on market days.  Nick and Steph of SylvanSun Farm have been growing veggies on a terraced hillside just north of Huntingdon since 2013.  Both farms specialize in growing a variety of vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, and mushrooms--all organically and sustainably produced.



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