We provide high quality services tailored to each individual account. Our deep knowledge and understanding of plants and their needs gives us a competitive edge. And our attention to details and passion for customer service is unmatched. We use a multifaceted approach when designing a landscape- we account for your soil type, water availability, hours of sunshine in a specific spot, your preexisting aesthetic and ability to maintain a space to create a beautiful landscape you will come to cherish for years.



We want you to enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs throughout the season! We can install raised beds or turnover existing grassy spaces to get your started. Once your space has been prepared, we offer a variety of transplants to choose from and the knowledge of how to plant and maintain your new garden. We offer weekly maintenance and harvest packages, as well as, lessons and work sessions so you can learn to garden on your own!

Echinacea Coneflowers


If you are interested in providing a space for our local birds, butterflies and pollinators to enjoy, we can design landscapes tailored for our local critters using native flowers, grasses and trees that will attract a multitude of fauna to your yard. Creating a respite space for these busy creatures will provide you with lots of eye candy and piece of mind that you are a steward for some of mother nature's unique gifts.

Flower Bulb


We have a serious passion for restoring landscapes to their former beauty! We work with our clients to utilize plants and trees in their existing landscapes versus starting over. We make collective decisions based on budgets and aesthetics. If you are planning on selling your house in the next 6 months- 3 years we can work with you to create a curb appeal in both Spring, Summer and Fall that will add value to your home.

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