In the Fall of 2019, we lost access to the land we once farmed. With no way to keep our CSA going on the small amount of land we have now, coupled a strong desire to support other small farms in our region, we hatched a plan!

Our new CSA model is based on cooperation, trust and community.

Restless Roots Farm will be organizing what is inside your box, communications with all of our customers, and the pick ups, while we rely on other farms to grow the majority of the produce. By sharing the time consuming and technical coordination piece of the CSA, other farmers have MORE time to do what they love...grow food! And we get to keep growing our community of people who care about local farms, local food and exceptional produce!

The Central PA Farm Share is a bountiful box of veggies, fruits and special farm treats like eggs and jam sourced hyper locally and carefully curated to provide you and your family with variety and seasonal abundance. Our shares consist of 7-11 items and  costs a little over $27 a week for an 18 week subscription ($500 total). By skipping the grocery store you are putting money directly in the farmers' pockets and shortening the local food supply chain, while receiving a far superior and fresher product.

Vegetables you will see in you box from week to week include...

^Arugula   ^ Asian Greens   ^ Beans    ^Beets

^Broccoli   ^Cabbage   ^Carrots   ^Cauliflower

^Celeriac  ^Collards  ^Corn   ^Cucumbers

^Eggplants   ^Fruits   ^Garlic   ^Herbs

^Kale   ^Kohlrabi   ^Lettuce   ^Melons

^Napa Cabbage   ^Onions   ^Peas   

^Peppers   ^Potatoes   ^Pumpkins   ^Radishes

^Salad Mix   ^Spinach   ^Summer Squashes   ^Tomatoes   ^Winter Squashes

Pick Ups

You can pick up your shares on Wednesdays 4-6 pm at The Moose Family Lodge, 1707 S 9th St Altoona 


The Pine Grove Mills Farmers Market, 277 W Pine Grove Rd Pine Grove Mills  


Due to COVID 19 there will be very limited pick up on the farm in Mill Creek, 9320 Water View Lane


We have limited delivery in Huntingdon and Altoona for a flat seasonal fee. 


We have several different payment options to make paying for your share easy.
Pay by Credit Card, Check or Cash in 1 or 2 payments



We believe food is a basic human right. And not just access to over processed shelf stable food- but access to fresh nourishing fruits and vegetables. 

The Everybody Eats Share is a manifestation of that belief. We set aside a couple of shares for families who are unable to pay the full cost of a share. The cost of these shares are based on a sliding scale- you pick how much you are able to afford. Whether it is $0 or $200, we don't ask questions or ask for financial documents. We just want you and your family to get the nutrition you need. 

We have a limited number of these shares available this year. We are hoping to expand the program next season. Please let us know if you are interested in contributing extra money to help offset the costs of more Everybody Eats Shares.  

Fresh Produce


9320 Water View Lane Huntingdon PA, 16652

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